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What’s Great about Storyboard Quick Storyboard Software?

Storyboard quick on Macintosh or Windows desktop or mobileToday’s best and brightest directors in film, television and commercial production use digital storyboard software  “Storyboard Quick” – they have learned how easy it is to get the cameras rolling by creating quick and professional pre production storyboards.    (StoryBoard Quick Review)

Joe Carnahan, writer/director
of the hit film, The Grey, (now in pre production on Killing Pablo) raves about the way PowerProduction’s storyboard software has revolutionized his approach to mapping out his camera angles, close-up, and shot evaluations.

There is so much you can do quickly with Storyboard Quick storyboard software there are truly amazing ways to play with different effects. You can select the characters for your storyboard, and then find the perfect background for every shot and scene. Adding and removing and positioning characters is as easy as clicking your mouse!

Taking things even further with special visual effects, such as smoke, flames, or “otherworldly” background settings, will ensure that you get a result that helps your entire cast and crew understand the scope of your project and what it will take to bring your vision to life.

Commercial Producer, Lisa Sherman, Nike and Kaiser spots: “I use StoryBoard Quick for all my shoots! I love the overheads…”

TV Director, Mark Corwin, Wheel of Fortune :   “I’ve been using StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for many years and I’m astounded at how appreciative my crew is for having these boards on every location.”

Director of Photography, Curt Pair,  ‘America’s Most Wanted':  “I used storyboard software StoryBoard Quick to do all the previz for all America’s Most Wanted re-enactments and I love it. I printed all the day’s boards and posted them so everyone knew… we could do 40 setups in one day! The producers love it!”

As you can see, the concept of storyboarding is to create the perfect depiction of your own imagination for your project and communicate to your crew and producers…shot by shot, and scene by scene.  Visual screenwriting is the latest way to go. Why not take advantage of today’s quickest and easiest digital storyboarding software:  StoryBoard Quick when mapping out your own script? Easy installation on your MAC or PC! And now there are mobile companion apps available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

When you need your finished storyboards to be viewed by you (or crew members using their own iPhones or iPads) check out companion StoryBoard Quick Shot Assistant app and check off shots as you complete them.

Video Review of StoryBoard Quick Studio by an Independent Filmmaker

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