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When you’re working on an animation, even a short one, it’s almost impossible to just dive in and get started animating right away. I’ve known a few people who could work right from a script and draw or style raw from that written description, but I’ve tried it before and let me tell you, the outcome were not prettyUsing a storyboard will help you organize your animation, and match you mental visualizations of scenes with the written script; it can also give you a picture format to communicate your ideas to others.

A storyboard can be an elaborate, professional series of framed color artwork depicting action and motion in a scene, complete with written points of dialogue, sound effects, and transitions into the next scene (these are most often used by studios for major projects)–or a single page of numbered thumbnail sketches, or even something as plain and simple as a quick series of motion-study sketches (as depicted here) to capture the mobility of a body that you want to animate.

If you use a storyboard you’ll find that you’ll be able to plan your animations more cohesively with clear marker points to show progress, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble when struggling to make the entire thing come together from beginning to end.

Today’s best and brightest director are converts to digital storyboarding software – they have learned how easy it is to get the cameras rolling by creating quick and professional storyboards. Joe Carnahan, writer/director of the hit film, Smokin’ Aces, has raved about the way PowerProduction’s storyboarding software has revolutionized his approach to mapping out his camera angles, close-up, and shot evaluations…

Taking things even further with special visual effects will ensure that you get a result that lets your entire cast and crew understand the scope of your project and what it will take to bring your vision to life.

Why not take advantage of today’s best digital storyboarding software when mapping out your own script – It’s a smart, affordable way to get what you need in record time.